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 General Info and Rules

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General Info and Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Info and Rules   General Info and Rules EmptyTue Jul 25, 2017 8:12 pm


This is a pretty chill pack. Our only real rules are just having courtesy, not being inappropriate, and having a good time. However, there are some actual rules you need to follow in order to avoid things getting out-of-hand.

Ground Rules
1. Respect each other.
2. Swearing is allowed to an extent. It's perfectly fine but just don't be excessive and definitely don't direct it at anyone.
3. Please try not to argue or fight. Friendly or amusing debates about non-controversial topics are acceptable but don't go too far or get serious about it.
4. While swearing is fine (as long as everyone is comfortable with it; if not or if you're unsure, please put a spoiler on it so people can choose whether to see it or not), being inappropriate or sexual is not. The allowance of swearing is probably not gonna change though. If it's not directed at anyone or done purposely to be rude or nasty, I say it's fine as long as you don't go totally overboard with it (so avoid the f-bomb or otherwise write it like 'f---' or 'bleep' or something like that). I think that, since we all are exposed to swearing at some point in our lives, whether we use those kind of words or not, it's just part of life and in the scope of things, it's generally not something to have a conniption over. On WQ, the no-swearing-whatsoever rule is understandable because on there, there's a family-friendly atmosphere to maintain. On here, it's not total trashmouth-ville, but we also don't have the same obligations they do. They're well-known, and they have an educational game and a huge userbase and community to manage, with thousands of people ranging from 12 years or under to middle-aged or older.
5. Don't discriminate based on race, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, religion or lack of, sexual orientation, etc. That means being LGBT+ friendly. If you don't like these rules, don't join. That, in conjunction with the swearing rule, means no slurs of any kind under any circumstance. If someone was being rude to you, just report them and be done with it. If the report was reasonable (say, they did something like harass someone, be inappropriate, slur, or threaten someone), the culprit in question be warned or banned right away.
6. Since you can always edit your posts, there is no need for double-posting.
7. Have fun!

None of the above should even be an issue, knowing the people I've met so far, but it's better to have a set of official rules written down.

Non-rule info is just as important, and that brings us to the next section. Below are the pack colors, the colors' symbolisms, some quick facts about our pack, and the link to our WQ forum thread.

Quote :

Shades of light blue and white represent the sky. The sky, for us, represents freedom, achievement, and new horizons.

Crimson represents courage, strength, and boldness. In everyone's heart is the potential for true courage and inner strength.

Gold, in addition to the crimson, represents courage and inner fire. It also represents the sun, timelessness, and friendship. True friendship is more precious than gold.

Some general facts about us
> We started as a WolfQuest multiplayer pack and remain a WolfQuest-based pack.
> There is no official roleplay plot, however, there is an rp section for anyone who wants to make use of it. Though since we're not an rp-based pack or rp-specific pack, you probably shouldn't expect every single person on here to want to rp or even know how to rp.

WolfQuest Forum Thread:

Remember that the WQ forum doesn't allow swearing of any kind. If you have a bad habit or think you'll develop one, it's probably better to not even get into the habit of swearing/saying a certain thing if you're likely to end up getting in trouble somewhere else.
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General Info and Rules
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