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 Mod Info and Requirements

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PostSubject: Mod Info and Requirements   Mod Info and Requirements EmptyMon Aug 07, 2017 11:14 am

Fyi, pack staff can only be people I definitely trust/have gotten to know a bit. At the moment two mods is enough. If/when the site grows, if you're a member who's been around for a while and/or is already someone I've gotten to know and trust, you might get a position.

Basically just posting this because 1) we probably don't need more staff at the moment (even the huge WQ forums with tons of members and topics don't have a giant staff team; we definitely don't need more people than they do!) and 2) I don't want to make anyone feel bad or left out, but I have to actually sort of know you a bit before I can consider you for staff. If someone's been reasonably active in the pack for a while, or if I know you pretty well from WQ or real life, then that's a decent reason to trust someone.

Mod requirements:
> Trusted pack member or friend
> Someone I've gotten to know for a while, or otherwise someone I already know
> Be a good, responsible person who won't do things like abuse your status or misuse it
> Preferably not be 13 or under (I know that one probably sounds rude but if somebody is gonna have the ability to do stuff like lock/move/delete topics, warn users, etc, they should probably be high-school age or older. Trust me, people change quite a bit as they get older and experience different things; I know I've changed a lot lol).
> Don't ask to be staff for the wrong reasons (just because you want to have a 'title', to 'boss people around', etc). If you truly want to help out, that's the right reason. Mods don't 'boss people around' or go around blabbing every 2 seconds about their status. The whole purpose of being a mod is to help people, keep things organized, and in some ways, be co-leaders.

Some basic things mods can do:
> Make sure everyone is following the rules and not being nasty to other members.
> Provide help to members who need it, if you can answer their question. If you can't, just let them know that someone has at least seen their post and is waiting for someone who can help that person/answer their question/etc.
> If I'm absent, you can host pack events like MP games.
> Let people who are applying to be in the pack know that someone has seen their application. Let them know that if I'm inactive for more than a week, they're accepted and shouldn't have to wait, because if I haven't even dropped by for a week, I'm probably quite busy with school, and they shouldn't have to wait for the entire duration of a project/exam week(s)/whatever.
> If I'm inactive and someone who joins ends up being a problem (say, they end up being rude, discriminatory, inappropriate, or posting spam), you can warn them. In the future, I might make separate groups for mods and mods-in-training, and mods will be able to temporarily ban that user. If they're a problem, do not edit or delete their posts; there's not much way I can know if they're causing issues if the evidence is messed with, and if you falsely accuse anyone for doing something bad, you're the one who's probably going to be kicked out or banned, not them.
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Mod Info and Requirements
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