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 Joining Requirements

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Joining Requirements Empty
PostSubject: Joining Requirements   Joining Requirements EmptyWed Jul 26, 2017 12:44 am

There are few requirements, just these few things:

1. Follow the pack rules.
2. You need to either be on the WQ thread or this site, preferably both.

Not required to be in the pack, just required to be in the multiplayer part.
3. For multiplayer and the in-game pack and messaging, you need WolfQuest 2.7.
4. However, if you have 2.5 and want a multiplayer game on there, just let me know. If the phrase chat is too clunky to use, we can play WQ on our computers and use this site's chatbox on our mobile devices to chat and see if that works. Also, if anyone has FeralHeart and wants to hang out on there, let me know. I can make a map or two specifically for our pack if anyone wants.
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Joining Requirements
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