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 Funniest things you've seen/done/heard?

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Funniest things you've seen/done/heard? Empty
PostSubject: Funniest things you've seen/done/heard?   Funniest things you've seen/done/heard? EmptySat Aug 12, 2017 11:09 am

I sadly wasn't there for this one, but one day when my mom was grocery shopping, she was walking to her car when she saw some dude sneeze...and I'm not talking regular sneeze. Apparently it was pretty gross and hilarious, because she said it was like...a lot. x'D

Also my dogs being total doofs. They'll roll around, chase each other all over the place, and when they sleep, they all snore just as loud as my dad. One time Wil was snoring so obnoxiously I could hear him from my parents' room (I was in my room, and I think the door was shut too). And of course they're all pretty funny to watch when they dream, because they usually end up with their paws 'running' and their tongues sticking out a bit.
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Funniest things you've seen/done/heard?
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