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 Red Hills Pack Original RP

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Part 1: Intro

You're standing on a ridge with a good view of the valley. The midday sky is patched with clouds but it is sunny today. The pine trees rustle around you.

You hear a chorus of howls curl into the air further away and decide to investigate. This must be the Red Hills Pack, known for being skilled hunters, trackers, and explorers. You know they are a friendly pack and wouldn't be a threat to you if you aren't to them; you have no hesitation or worries.

You walk across hard-packed reddish earth. Coarse grass brushes your ankles. You smell fresh air, feel a breeze stirring your fur, and you can see some areas of grass and trees amid the rough terrain. You walk downhill, through some more pines, and then to a somewhat flat, dusty stretch with some barren hills in front of you.

As you walk over the hills, many with flat tops, dust swirls around your paws. After reaching the top of another flat-topped hill, you come to a valley. There are some lower, flatter areas, wooded areas, and some rocky hills. The flatter and wooded areas are grassy and scrubby; the hills are mostly bare. Some distance away, you smell the scents of wolves, elk, other animals, and some new scents you can't identify yet. Judging by the strong scent of elk, you assume that part of the wooded valley you're near is an elk herd's grazing grounds. But you decide to move on and explore, making note of the elk grounds. You walk through the wooded area of the valley where you see a rocky cliff and hear a thundering sound.

You cross and then follow a small creek in a ditch until you discover the source of the thundering (and the howling, though it's still somewhat far). However, you do, in fact, smell wolves close by. You approach the waterfall and the small grove of trees near it.

A male wolf steps out and trots towards you, with a coat that's a mixture of dusty browns and greys. He is about average size but tough-looking, but he shows no signs of aggression.

As he gets closer, you see that he has a clawmark scar running across his face, and his hind left leg appears to be injured or deformed; it's slightly crooked, and he keeps it off the ground. His eyes are amber-gold like an eagle's.

"My name is Crag," he says. "What brings you here?"

"I heard howling and assumed it was the Red Hills Pack, which is supposed to be somewhere around here. Are you part of them?"

"Yeah; I'm their leader, though we're not the pecking-order type. I'm more of what I call an organizer and mediator." There is a hint of disapproval and scorn in his voice as he says 'pecking order'. "I prefer that, since we are a pack and a family, we all treat each other as equals. After having dealt with a lot of annoying, pecking-order, bossy types, I've decided against that mentality. We're a family and should act like it; there are no so-called inferiors or superiors here." He snorted.

"That's nice to know. Friends or families shouldn't treat each other that way."

"And we definitely don't! We're always happy to have new members if you want to join us. We really just roam the whole area but this spot, the Hilltop, and the Town are our main hangouts. Clean, running water from the falls and creek here, and plenty of food and space? Can't beat it. We're also friendly or neutral with most other packs, so it can be pretty fun when we have hunting or scouting trips, or gatherings with several packs."

He lays down. You do the same.

"I would like to join, in fact. But I heard some howling that wasn't over here. Who is that then, if you're here?"

"Oh, that's our hunting party. They should be returning soon with some food if you're hungry. We definitely don't miss a meal here, but we also don't get lazy or unfit, because, well, look at this place. You've apparently walked around a bit so you know what a workout it can be. It's impossible to get unfit around here. There's even places to swim, and some sort of strange area to explore in the southwest. Anyway, I can show you some of the area before the hunting party comes back with dinner."

He gestures for you to follow, then turns and starts walking up the slope parallel to the creek but several feet from it so you both avoid the steep area. "Don't want to end up with a leg like mine, or worse, a neck like my leg," he says over his shoulder.

You climb the bare, rocky hills, and pebbles clatter downhill. After climbing the steep incline, the area is scrubby and has some pine trees but, like the rest of the valley, they are perfectly spaced for walking but not too sparse. The ground is dappled with sunlight and much flatter. Not as flat as the area you walked through earlier, but much better than that slope. As you walk, you come to a spot with pebbles and some grass and bushes with golden flowers. You can see several large rock slabs on the cliff face, on both sides of the creek, and you both stand right beside (somewhat underneath too, considering how tall they are). You can see the creek about ten feet away.

Crag then turns back around, then turns left around the other side of the enormous rock; you follow. The area is shaded with an odd-looking structure half on the land, and half in the creek. The thing is square and made of wood, with three walls and a floor, and the part in the creek has vertical wooden posts to secure it. You both walk onto it; it takes you a bit closer to the waterfall. More tall, huge rocks stand like gates in the narrowing gap you can see the bottom of the waterfall through. Cool mist rises up and sticks in your fur. You flatten your ears; it's pretty loud standing right near two waterfalls.

"This is a nice area to chill out, and you can't exactly fall or slip out of this thing. But there's still part of the camp for you to see."

He turns and walks back the other way. He turns left and uphill to the place you walked past earlier. Another wooden structure. He walks up part of the way, then demonstrates how to properly walk up the odd thing. "It takes some practice to not trip or get stuck, but you have to go kind of slow up and down these. Place your paws in the middle; too close to either edge and you will either slip or get your paw stuck.

You nod, practice for a minute, then you both continue on uphill. As you reach the top, you see more enormous boulders. He stops. "To the right is a viewpoint where our lookouts sit when on watch shifts." You both walk that way, sitting with a boulder to your right and a tree to your front left. It is indeed a great lookout place; it's fairly sheltered but you can see a decent portion of the valley and the other hills. He walks back, to the left of the wooden stairs. "This way is one of the most impressive parts of our land."

You pass a boulder that was to your left coming up the stairs and is to your left now. In front of you is a flat area. A trail, but with plenty of space. Past it you see more stairs between some boulders going uphill. You walk a few more feet and stop. There are a few trees, and you can see a rocky tumble and part of the creek and falls. "This is where we sleep if the weather allows for it. Lots of space, good view, a clear view of the sky for stargazing. Now up there..."

Going up the stairs, to your right you see a small flat space and two trees. There are a lot of good little spots to shelter around here. No wonder they chose this place, with all the options, the view, the fresh water, the hunting ground right across the creek.

A few more feet and he reaches the top of the stairs and steps onto another flat trail area. There are many more tall boulders here. The scene is striking and indeed impressive to look at. The huge rocks to your right are towering. A bit farther is a gap in the slightly shorter boulder 'wall' to your left, where you both turn to look at the view. Continuing more, you both walk through a shady flat area with a slightly higher path to your right. Both paths are flat and not bare or particularly stony. There is some more of the stiff, crunchy golden grass and flowered scrub-plants. There are some pines and another wooden structure to the left, not stairs, but like the one from earlier. Past it is a second waterfall; the source of the first one and the entire creek. More fresh mist rises in the air, creating a subtle rainbow in the water particles. The second fall is framed by picturesque tall boulders, which continue a bit behind it until you can't see.

Lots of little birds crowd this wooden structure as Crag steps out onto it. You can see the waterfall to your left and part of the valley again to your right; the creek continues past you until it goes over the other waterfall. The sun is beginning to set and there is howling again, then more nearby where you met Crag earlier. "That's the hunting party. Let's go get some dinner!" You both go back down, down the inclines and stairs, till you end up in the lower part of the camp. You hear a rustling and heavy dragging sound through the grass, and elk-scent wafts towards you. Crag licks his chops.


A large group of healthy-looking wolves come dragging a large elk carcass. You can see their coats and muscles ripple and see the energy and teamwork as they work.

"Welcome back! Nice job," he greets the hunting group. "We have a new arrival." He flicks his tail towards you.

"Anyway, we don't do that whole eating-in-order thing. Just dig in."

So you settle down and eat with the pack, and later, with a full stomach and other wolves' company, you fall asleep to a starry night with the rustling of grass and the sounds of the waterfall and creek. A feeling of contentment and kinship washes over you as you close your eyes. Warm fur presses in on your back in the curled 'pile' of wolves. You soon join the soft rumbling snores of your new packmates and sleep well.

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Red Hills Pack Original RP
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