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 Pack Roster and Stats

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Pack Roster and Stats Empty
PostSubject: Pack Roster and Stats   Pack Roster and Stats EmptyTue Jul 25, 2017 10:04 pm

8-8-17 edit: Since there is no official rp I'm considering either removing the wolf name and pic thing or otherwise yall just send the name and pic of whichever wolf you use the most in-game.

Founder: Windstrider
Date founded: 7-25-17
Member count: 12 (excluding myself and including people who haven't registered on this site yet but are still pack members)

Info will be added like this:
► (Website username)
(picture of your wolf)
- WQ 2.7 Username, if applicable:
- WQ Forum Username:
- Wolf Name:
- Pronouns:
- Member
- Joined (date)
Will also include the picture of your wolf that you put with the form at the link below.
The linked thread is where you fill out and submit the form with your wolf's info so I can easily add it here.

Will update as members are added.

► Windstrider
Pack Roster and Stats Wq-pic10

- WQ 2.7 Username: Windstrider
- WQ Forum Username: Windstrider
- Wolf Name: Kato
- Pronouns: He/him
- Founder
- Founded 7-25-17

► Yarrow
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp_yarrow_150px
- WQ 2.7 Username: Neosthesia
- WQ Forum Username: Yarrow
- Wolf Name: Yarrow
- Pronouns: He/him
- Original member
- Joined 7-25-17

► Bluace
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp_delphi_150px
- WQ 2.7 Username: Bluace
- WQ Forum Username: Bluace
- Wolf Name: Delphi
- Pronouns: She/her
- Original member
- Joined 7-25-17

► securitron
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp_securitron_150px
- WQ 2.7 Username: securitron
- WQ Forum Username: securitron
- Wolf Name: Sappho
- Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
- Original Member
- Joined 7-25-17
*An extra thing)My Name: Molly/Frances/Fallon

► Fern
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp_fern_150px
- WQ 2.7 Username: manglethefox (DONT ASK I WAS YOUNG)
- WQ Forum Username: Fern
- Wolf Name: Fern
- Pronouns: They/It/She/Her
- Member
- Joined 2017-07-26

► Brinnadaze
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp_bluff_150px
- WQ 2.7 Username: Brinnadaze
- WQ Forum Username: Brinnadaze
- Wolf Name: Bluff
- Pronouns: She/Her mostly unless I request otherwise
- Member
- Joined 7/27/2017

► Raini01
Pack Roster and Stats Rhp-sk10
- WQ 2.7 Username: Raini01
- WQ Forum Username: SketchFire01
- Wolf Name: Sketch
- Pronouns: She/Her
- Member
- Joined 7/30/17

► Nico
- WQ 2.7 Username: Don't have this...
- WQ Forum Username: MeghanNeko
- Wolf Name: Nico
- Pronouns: He/Him
- Member
- Joined today lmao applied over on wq on 08/01/2017 or something close to that.
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Pack Roster and Stats
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