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 Fyi: People can reply in 'Opinions' topics

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Fyi: People can reply in 'Opinions' topics Empty
PostSubject: Fyi: People can reply in 'Opinions' topics   Fyi: People can reply in 'Opinions' topics EmptyThu Jul 27, 2017 7:47 pm

As well as vote, y'all can reply to the topics in there. Also, the colors in the list aren't the only ones available on this site. If you can't find a color and its code on google or the WQ forums, just send me a description of the color or a pic of it. Just a colored square made in ms paint or whatever is fine. I'll try to find the best match for that color and I'll reply with the code and whatnot.


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Fyi: People can reply in 'Opinions' topics
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